I have always had an underlying passion for photography and found myself constantly shooting at every social event I attended. Whether it was a family dinner, birthday party, or a wedding, I was never without my trusted compact point-and-shoot camera…

My Approach

After realising the limitations of a point-and-shoot camera, I invested in a DSLR, which enabled me to take my images further. Since then I have decided to make myself available to document and capture other people’s special occasions.

I thoroughly enjoy capturing memorable moments in photography, but what I mostly enjoy is seeing how people react to my images.

Why hire me?

Not only do I shoot to capture your moments, but I also shoot to capture your guests’ interactions as they share your special occasion with you. My aim is to not only provide you with images that represent your memories from your day, but to also give you another perspective, and catch moments that you may have missed as you cannot be at all places at once.

What services do I offer?

Predominantly I cater my services for weddings and portraiture; however I am available for all types of events.

What locations do I cover?

I am based in South West London, but I am more than happy to cover any event in the UK.