About Me

Back in 2011 I started my pursuing my career in photography, and I am proud to say that I have been a full-time professional photographer since 2013.

I have a technical background in IT and although I did enjoy this line of work, the amount of fulfilment I have from doing photography is unmatched.

For the past 5yrs www.leophoto.co.uk was the home for my wedding photography site where I had solely targeted for wedding photography work. However, I soon discovered that I was being commissioned for various types of work such as interior shoots, corporate events, head shots and newborn photography. In addition to the freelance work that I do, I have a strong passion for writing and on occasion I guest contribute for www.slrlounge.com.

One day I decided rather than keeping everything separate, I may as well combine all my work under this one site. So on this Blog, I will be sharing a diary of my recent shoots, gear reviews and tutorials, as well as any general thoughts and news in the world of photography.

If you are here to read blog posts relating to photography, I hope you enjoy your visit to this site; but if you are looking for a photographer to hire for your photography needs, please do go to the “My Work” section and view my portfolio/site for each genre.