Kai M Wong Is Jobless! – No longer with DRTV

Last week, Casey Neistat and now Kai Wong!

Love him or hate him, he was an integral member of the DRTV Team.

For years he was the face of DRTV serving up the sarcastic witty humour with the confusing British accent with an Asian face.

“Some say” he left over a year ago now as they had slowly introduced other presenters into the show whilst he was producing his own content over here in the UK.

Any video which didn’t have Kai in them most likely had the comment from a viewer “Bring back Kai”.

However he only officially left just the other day.

DRTV has impressively pushed way beyond the 1mil subscriber mark and I’m sure it has a lot to do with Kai’s unique presentation style.

Photography YouTube Channels which follow DRTV in the ranks would be the likes of FroKnowsPhoto and Tony & Chelsea Northrup, which both have around 500-600k subscribers.

So as you can see, DRTV definitely has been a major player in the photography community and without a doubt, Kai Wong played an important role in DRTV’s success!

It is definitely a shame to see him go as DRTV was one of my favourite YouTube Channels. Going forward I’m sure it still will be with the new presenters Ian, Warren and the only OG Presenter left, Lok.

However I do look forward to Kai’s upcoming videos on his own channel as I’m sure he will have a lot to bring to the table.

I would be surprised if Jessops didn’t try hire him for their in-house social media needs!

But with the following Kai has, I’m sure he’ll be a success in whatever venture he has coming next!

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