Nikon D850 Announcement – Will I buy it?

This is going to be a quick run through about my thoughts on whether I will be buying the Nikon D850… short answer is…… no.

To read the full specs, check out

The key features that stood out to me was the silent shutter and 4k video.

These two features are the main reasons why I moved to Sony to shoot within my personal life.

I started building my Sony kit over 2yrs ago but I did keep my Nikon around for professional events. I felt the Nikon is more reliable and trusted, but the sheer push for innovation from Sony was enough to get me to start building this kit.

Now that Nikon has the features which got me to move, you’d think I would just stick with Nikon, but it is 2yrs too late.

First of all, the silent shutter is most likely going to resemble the silent shutter in the Sony A7R II, which wasn’t perfect and now the Sony A9 have pushed silent shutter technology even further.

In addition, the electronic shutter can only be utilised in Live View and Nikon Live View AF is notoriously bad.

The Sony cameras also have in body image stabilization (IBIS), so the 4k video footage should be a lot better than the Nikon as the Nikon have yet to implement this technology.

So on paper, the Nikon camera seems to be behind Sony still.

I’m sure the Nikon will be a great camera to anyone still invested into the system, however Sony is still ahead of the curve.

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