Panasonic GH5 – Firmware Update Roadmap [My Thoughts]

The announcement for this Panasonic GH5 has the photography community in a frenzy! I haven’t seen so much coverage for one camera since Sony A7RII.

There were a lot of specs thrown out and I have to say, they are very impressive.

However I’ve had a few more hours to let it all set in and there’s one thing about this camera that I don’t like and that is the firmware road map.

The Firmware Road maps was sold as a benefit, however to me it feels like they’re deliberately holding back to appear to be giving added value.

The reason why I say this, is if they know the hardware is capable of such features, why not include from the beginning?

I understand the lens road maps as I’m sure the lens designs have been finalised but they need to sort out the production line etc.

But if they know they are capable of adding a feature now, why not just include it now rather than releasing the features at scheduled dates?

Fuji were once praised for releasing firmware updates which improved functionality, however their cameras were released as they were and it felt like Fuji realised they could eek out more performance, so they did free of charge. Canon once did this for an unexpected firmware update of their 7D and again, it was like they found out how to squeeze more horsepower out of the camera.

Panasonic on the other hand seem aware of what the hardware can do, but just releasing its features gradually for whatever reason!

Only reason I can think of is that they are wanting to be perceived as ‘always thinking of the customer’ or trying to give ‘added value’.

Otherwise the other side of this is that the camera is being rushed out and the firmware for certain features is not finalised. So they are pumping the camera out now and will finish it properly later.

At Photokina theire announcement for the GH5 was highly criticised as Panasonic just announced there would be a GH5, but with no specs. Everyone knew there would be a GH5, so their announcement back then seemed redundant. So I can’t help but feel this camera MAY be rushed.

I won’t be investing into this system, however I do look forward to seeing all the reviews. Maybe after its released with positive reviews, I may revisit my purchasing choice.

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