2017-04-22 – Doyin & Ayo


I have known Doyin for a few years now as we have worked together at various events at Rare Recruitment, likewise I have photographed weddings where she has been in attendance.

It’s always a joy to photograph weddings where you know the couple within your personal life as you have a certain level of comfort around one another to allow for more fun shoot.

Doyin now holds the record for shortest notice for a wedding booking as she only called me up 6 days prior to her wedding day!!!

She’s actually a very organised person and her big ceremony is next week, but yesterday was just her civil ceremony for the legalities of the marriage. She initially wasn’t going to have anyone cover this day as in comparison to her big wedding in Wales, this is a small ceremony.

Thankfully the headshot session I had booked in for the same day was understanding enough to allow for us to reschedule that shoot so that I could attend Doyin and Ayo’s wedding.



It was a relatively short ceremony as most Civil Ceremony’s are, but it was a beautiful moment to be apart of.

Both Doyin and Ayo read their own personal vows and as sentimental and meaningful as vows should be, Ayo and Doyin got jokes.

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Ceremony had fun and laughter which made the day a breeze to photograph.

Wishing Doyin and Ayo all the best for their future! x

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