2016-06-05 – Collman Family Shoot

I first met Fran last year when she approached me to photograph her son.

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She had seen a photo I had done of my friend Helen’s daughter, whom I can also proudly call her my god-daughter, and wanted something similar for her son.


After photographing Fran’s son, she did mention to me that she was interested in having some family photos done in a more relaxed environment as opposed to the Studio white backdrop style. However, we did think it was best to wait until her son was old enough to run around and so forth.


Almost 1yr later, we finally managed to organise a time after weeks of rescheduling due to weather reasons (perks of living in London :S ) and managed to obtain some family photos.

We headed down to Richmond Park for the nice open fields, scenic views, and the deer. Children with animals, difficult to control, but lovely to see!

The challenges with this shoot were the harsh sunlight and relatively busy park. Working with the Collman’s was a joy!

I simply positioned them in areas of best light and away from the public and allowed them to enjoy each others company and captured those moments.


Lawrence’s reaction was amazing after being kissed by his parents! Absolutely love this photo!

To get a fun shot, I asked Gareth to throw Lawrence to evoke a smile from him…

20160605Collman_178_DSC_7088_low 20160605Collman_208_DSC_7109-Edit_low

… I think he took it too far!

20160605Collman_10_DSC_6979_low 20160605Collman_571_DSC_7385_low

Seeing the family interact with each other with sheer enjoyment allowed for some great images!

Equipment List:

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