Millennium Bridge – Timelapse [Holy Grail]

I recently went to the Millennium Bridge in London to photograph the bridge with St. Paul’s Cathedral during sunset. I was inspired by Elia Locardi’s style of work and I wanted to see if I could produce an image similar to his style (Click Here to read more).

As Elia Locardi’s style of work requires a method called Time Blending, you are effectively photographing through various times of the day and another form a photography which requires being in one location like this is the ‘Holy Grail Timelapse’.

I have not yet perfected the ‘Holy Grail Timelapse’, but I have made a few attempts. Unfortunately I haven’t not found a good tutorial which shows you step-by-step from beginning to end, I have merely picked up a few nuggets of information from various sources. I think the main problem I am experiencing is the post-processing side, as I am simply doing this through Lightroom & Photoshop.

Minus the flickering at the end portion of the timelapse, I’m relatively happy with it and as soon as I perfect the post-processing, I will re-edit this timelapse.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi, you have to check it out this plugin/program to integrate with LR, it´s name is LR Timelapse. Quick overview of editing with LR and LR Timelapse and AE By the way i like the ending part of the video. If you find a similiar technique from Elia Locardi for Timelapses, let me know. The way he does it´s perfect for single or few photos but it´s a bit combersome for 200 or 300 photos.

  2. Leo Hoang says:

    Thanks for your comment Martinho, I’ll check out the link in the description. Elia’s technique is definitely cumbersome for more than 1 image, but when you consider what his technique is, you will only need to post-produce within the one frame as he captures all the beauty blue hour and golden hour within one frame. I will write up my own tutorial for how I post-produced my Elia Locardi inspired image, however I am sure it’s a much more simplified version.

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