Newborn Photography – How I Shot It

This was a simple setup for a newborn shoot.

I typically do not like to use flash for newborns as I don’t feel comfortable popping strong bursts of light into their face, so I do like to only work with natural window light.

Equipment Used:

How I Shot It:

I laid my nephew down on a bean bag which I purchased from Amazon and laid a brown throw over it which I got from Primark and positioned my nephew in such a way where the window light is being diffused slightly by the net curtain and coming from the left to help define the shape of his face further.

How I Edited It:

I imported the photo into Lightroom with my standard import preset and adjusted the white balance from 4200k to 4000k. I brushed down the highlights and used a graduated filter to increase the exposure by 1/3 stop on the right side.

I then took the photo into Photoshop to clear up some of the dry flakey skin with the healing brush tool. Once the skin was cleaned up a bit, I re-imported back into Lightroom for light skin softening by using the adjustment brush by reducing clarity by -30.

Shot at 55mm, F/2.0, ISO400, 1/50sec

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