Newborn Photography – My Nephew

Newborn photography is definitely a challenge for many reasons which aren’t photography related.

Newborns pee, poop, cry and eat a lot. It feels like every 20min something happens.

Otherwise from a photography standpoint, it can be a very simple setup which yields great results.

Since babies are small, you do not need a lot of space to get full body shots and especially with my style of shooting, you need even less space as I tend to focus upper body.

My style of portrait photography is more focussed on capturing emotion rather than posing. With newborn photography, the challenge is babies do not express much emotion and you cannot direct them into poses.

I am not the biggest fan of the unnatural poses, such as where babies hold their heads up with theirs hands etc. Although they are very cute photos, I personally do not wish to pose a baby in this position as it is very unnatural. So the challenge for this shoot for my sisters baby (my nephew), was to make each photo look different and unique to each other.

I tackled this shoot by photographing in her living room using only window light. With the tighter crops, using simple throws and outfit changes to vary up the ‘look’ of the photos, we managed to achieve professional quality photos.






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