London Southbank with Sony A5100 and Samyang 8mm f/2.8 II Fish-Eye

For my upcoming trip to Vietnam and Hong Kong, I thought it would be interesting to add a Fish-Eye lens to my bag.

I was deliberating between the Samyang 12mm F/2.8 Fisheye (Full Frame) or the Samyang 8 mm F2.8 II Fisheye Lens (For Crop Sensor Cameras).

I wanted an f/2.8 specifically as I may have the opportunity for dark skies whilst I’m in Vietnam, in addition I wanted the Fish-Eye as whilst I’m in Hong Kong, it could useful for all the tightly packed architecture.

I opted to buy the Samyang 8 mm F2.8 II Fisheye over the Samyang 12mm F/2.8
due to size and weight. As the main purpose for this lens is for a bit of fun whilst travelling, the 8mm seemed like the better choice as it’s half the weight, basically half the size, and more or less half the price.

Randomly I decided to head out to see how the Fish-Eye effect looks around London. London isn’t as tightly packed as Hong Kong, but I thought it would be interesting to see how the Fish-Eye effects the lines on the Golden Jubilee Bridge, as well as the London Eye.

The photos below were all shot on the Sony A5100 and Samyang 8 mm F2.8 II Fisheye.


DSC00211 DSC00212 DSC00219 DSC00227 DSC00240

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