Mike Browne – Try It & See

Mike Browne is a photography coach on YouTube whom also runs his own workshops to train budding photographers.

I’ve followed his channel for a couple of years now and although he’s not the most active on YouTube, whenever he does post, it’s generally a quality video.

This video he posted has a patronising tone, but he has a strong valid point! “Try it & See”

I personally get asked questions all the time which are very similar, likewise whenever I have taken a photo, I’ve been asked for my settings.

There are so many variables within photography, it’s very situational in the sense that every setting you set in your camera is dependant upon the effect you’re after as well as ambient light.

For any beginner out there who’s just starting their journey within photography, I do think they should take 10min out of their day to check this out.

Although there is plenty of information out there, the best way to learn is to test it out for yourself and gain the experience.

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