2016-08-06 – Siobhan & Marc

Marc & Siobhan got in touch with me as they found my details on the preferred suppliers list at Surrey National Golf Club.

Their wedding was in the peak of summer as they managed to secure a date at the beginning of August.

Having a summer wedding in the UK does not always guarantee you great weather, but Siobhan and Marc had a stunning day with regards to weather. The sun was beaming throughout which helped create such a vibrant day.

For this wedding, I had my girlfriend Sophia assisting me and we began bright and early at the Bride’s parents house for bridal prep.





Bridal prep is a great time to capture the details such as the wedding dress, jewellery and shoes. Likewise all the bridal parties general interactions.

It was quite funny to see that during the bridal prep there was a little ‘row, row, row your boat’ singalong with everyone involved. It’s not your usual wedding day song, but it got everyone’s energy up, including the flower girls… who it was really for, but it seemed to make everyone happy lol…



I’m unsure of the make-up artists details to credit her, but she did make my day a lot easier with positioning Siobhan right by the garden doors where all the light was. This bathed Siobhan in natural light so that we could capture some beautiful images of her during prep.


Once Siobhan was ready, Andrew Moore (Videographer) organised everyone to shoot the big reveal. Siobhan looked stunning! The proud look on her fathers face was evidence of this for sure!



We then headed down to her local church where the ceremony took place.



The Ceremony was performed by a priest whom was a long-time family friend to Siobhan. He actually postponed his retirement to perform the ceremony for Siobhan and Marc. This is incredibly sweet having a long-time family friend perform the ceremony for them.









It was a beautiful ceremony with family and friends getting involved with their readings.

After the ceremony we rounded everyone up outside the church so that Siobhan and Marc’s guests could shower them with Confetti. I absolutely love confetti shots as within that 15sec or so with them being covered in confetti creates a variety of expressions from squinching to massive smiles! It’s always a hilarious moment of the day! Siobhan and Marc’s wedding was no different in that regard!




We headed down to the Surrey National Golf Club where we immediately started with the formal group photos.




For the big group shot with all the guests, I organised everyone on the steps just at the front of the venue and stood up on a chair to get some height. As Andrew also wanted to capture some shots on the staircase, we had to get everyone to cheer a few times whilst keeping them on the stairs for a few min longer than I normally would have intended. However, the energy was running high and all the wedding guests were pumped to give us all a cheer for the photos and videos!


I got some great photos from here and I’m keen to see how Andrew Moore incorporated this into his video. If the video is ever made public, I shall share here… 😉

We all headed in for the wedding breakfast where right after the speeches began.

When you have the right speeches, it definitely makes for great photos! Although you can’t hear the speech through photos, the speeches generally create amazing guest and wedding party reactions. The speeches at March & Siobhan’s wedding hit all the right beats which allowed me to capture some great shots.




After the speeches, Siobhan, Marc and I popped outside for some portraits.

At this point, the sun was setting giving a slight golden glow. We hit all the key locations at this venue with some great wide shots of the landscape.

Andrew Moore also whipped out his drone for some aerial shots! Again, I’m very keen to see this footage!



Marc & Siobhan had the opportunity to drive the Golf Kart, just as I did also 😉 From here, having Sophia with me was a massive help as she was able to face back to fire off some shots of Marc & Siobhan driving behind us. I can’t speak on Marc’s behalf, but I was crapping myself driving this Golf Kart. I’m sure on normal terrain it was fine, but at Surrey National Golf Club the track which leads from the Car Park to the pond is very bumpy! I thought we was going to topple over at one point… But we all survived!






We headed back to join the wedding party for the cake cutting & first dance. With all the wedding party surrounding the dance floor, Marc & Siobhan took the centre to cut the cake and immediately after moved into the first dance.








Marc & Siobhan had a beautiful wedding. Their family and friends were so warm and friendly. Whilst taking their photos, they seemed up for a laugh and everyone was definitely in high spirits. They were blessed with such beautiful weather and I can’t see how they could have made the day any better.


Having them both friends on facebook, I do look forward to seeing their journey together as husband and wife.

Wishing them both all the best… X

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