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2016-01-08 – Sharon & Martin [Wedding Slideshow]

My first wedding of 2016 was for Sharon and Martin; they had a stunning wedding at Cooling Castle Barn.

The weather was absolutely dreadful all week, but on the day of their wedding it was clear skies! Having a clear day definitely made my day as I have been to this venue before and I know full well all the possibilities for photos. The grounds for Cooling Castle Barn are amazing and I can see why Sharon & Martin chose this venue for their wedding.

The day was very calm throughout preparations until the ceremony; after which the cheeky banter from the ushers came out in full force! Silly faces and poses during the formal photos, as well as cheeky comments to each other. They definitely brought the energy out during the formal photos.

We then had a small window of opportunity to utilise the clear weather for the Couples Portraiture. Although the day began clear, clouds were slowly creeping in so we headed outside to grab some portraits by the Castle and Cooling Road sign, which I think are both iconic to the venue. However, with my style of portraiture, I very much love to capture the scenery, but more importantly it’s about capturing the happiness and emotion of the couple. So we did also go for some more simple portraiture of just the couple with a nice soft background. In addition, I did have to go for a silhouette as I am a sucker for a good silhouette.

During the wedding breakfast, they had organised some live music which I was immediately impressed with, and then later in the evening I found out the performer was actually a previous “The Voice” finalist.

I will update this blog once I find out his name, in the meantime for all your “The Voice” fans, I’m sure you’ll be able to suss out his name. Please do leave a comment below as a reminder!

As Sharon & Martin were referred to me by a previous couple I had photographed, I also had an amazing time catching up with Sian & Rich. All-in-all I had a great time photographing Sharon & Martin’s wedding and it was a genuine pleasure to have spent the day with them.

I have not included any photos within this post as I have decided to start producing wedding slideshows. I will at some point update this blogpost with a small gallery, however for the moment, I hope you enjoy the slideshow in glorious 4k.


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