Rare Recruitment – High Yield [Deutsche Bank]

I have been regularly commissioned to photograph events for Rare Recruitment and each time it is an amazing experiencing being in the same room as the Rare team and candidates.


The Rare team offer coaching for their candidates as well as organising talks and discussions with directors of top firms within the accounting and law industry.


They offered coaching skills so detailed which includes how to correctly handshake with professionalism. Hearing the candidates get stuck in and seeing how this simple task raised the energy of the room was simply contagious.

It’s inspiring being in the same room as the Rare team and candidates due to their driven energy they all bring. The Rare team come across as a very warm yet extremely focussed, whereas the candidates have extreme hunger and drive for success.


The last event took place in Deutsche Bank (Liverpool Street) whereby they had a Q&A session with one of the managing directors, as well as previous candidates who discuss their experiences within the company.

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