Millennium Bridge – Sunset

I follow a lot of photography blogs and one of the biggest blogs out there is F-Stoppers.

The F-Stoppers have developed a number of tutorials such as Headshot, Architectural and Wedding Photography. They have now teamed up with Elia Locardi ( and have now produced a tutorial on landscape photography.

Landscape/Cityscapes is what actually got me into photography and after seeing a preview for their new tutorial on Cityscapes, I was absolutely amazed by Elia’s work.

He uses a technique which he has called “Time Blending”. The concept behind “Time Blending” is you capture an entire event within one frame by blending in the important parts of the image. I decided to give it a try for myself!


I checked the sunset location and at the time, I thought Millennium Bridge would be a good spot for capturing the Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the sunset all in one frame.

Unfortunately, the sunset didn’t appear in my frame as I would have hoped, as I was hoping the reds would pull across the top of the frame more. I was also running a timelapse and had now committed to this location for the photos.

This shot was a simple blend of the sunset for sky, but blue hour for the buildings and lights. This blend adds a little something special as it creates as you would not normally be able to view all the city lights with a sunset.

I have not yet seen Elia’s tutorials, so I cannot say if this is exactly the same as his technique, however my simplified post-processing method for this shot still incorporates the principles of time blending which definitely adds more to the standard single frame shot.

A more detailed Tutorial will soon follow, but for now I just wanted to share the shot.

Hope you enjoy!

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