Godox Flash System – Recommendations / Overview

I highly recommend any photographer starting out in off-camera lighting to invest into the Godox System.

I have used these at professional shoots and so far, they have not let me down. They fire quickly and consistently with great off-camera capability.

The hot shoe flashes you must ensure you have the correct hot shoe mount type for your particular camera and I have done my best to link correctly to each one. But please be sure to check you’re purchasing the correct mount version.

The strobes are universal provided you have the correct radio trigger to fire them.

The Godox AD600B is the TTL version, Godox AD600BM is the Manual. Personally I prefer the manual version as if I am shooting portraits, I generally prefer to control the exposures myself and I only use TTL for event work.

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Godox TT350S – Mini Hot Shoe Flast (Canon/Sony/Nikon)

Godox TT685 – Hot Shoe Flash (Canon/Sony/Nikon)

Godox TT600S – Manual Sony Flash

Godox AD200 – Mini Strobe (All Brands)

Godox AD600 – Strobe (Manual Version/TTL)

Godox X1T – Radio Trigger (Canon/Sony/Nikon)



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